The Office of Retention & Parent Outreach is committed to fostering the success of every Xavier student.

Efforts are made to reach-out to students who may be considered "at risk" for any reason.  Personal staff consultations, referrals to other on-campus resources, and guiding students to effectively navigate their college experience is central to our work for and on behalf of students.  Our goal is to improve the academic and social integration necessary to enhance the quality of the college experience for Xavier students.

We continue to assist students as they matriculate, from year to year, with programs that provide financial and academic support, social adjustment, and academic advising.  Our focus is to retain and graduate the maximum number of students from each class-year group.

In addition to reaching-out to students, we also reach-out to parents.  Developing strong partnerships with parents as they work with their students to overcome challenges, make important decisions, and plan for their future, is important to us.  We will answer questions and share as much information as possible, acknowledging that students over the age of 18 are adults.  Students are required to complete a FERPA (Family Educational and Rights to Privacy Act) release form should they wish parents to be able to discuss information considered to be part of their "educational record."

Simply put, the Office of Retention & Parent Outreach exists to help students become Xavier University graduates.

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Office of Retention & Parent Outreach
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-1148
Phone: 513-745-3036

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Xavier University #4 among all other Master's level midwest universities according to the 2014 edition of US News & World Report.

Dates to Know

January 13 - 19: Late Registrations. Course drop/add period
January 20: Undergraduates must have advisor signature to withdraw
January 24: May Graduation degree application deadline
March 31 - April 5: Fall 2014 Priority Registration for current students
April 14: Final Date to withdraw from Spring full-term courses