Outside the Classroom

Overall College Experience

  • Attend orientation (Manresa) to acquire as much information about the college experience as possible.
  • Avoid situations that may entail student conduct violations.
  • Become familiar with institutional policies and procedures that pertain to the college student experience.

Studying and Organizing Your Time

  • Plan on spending as much time daily as if it were a full-time job (at least 8 hours per day - e.g., in class for 3 hours on a given day, study for 5 hours that day).
  • Organize (or join) study groups of 3-5 fellow students taking the same class with the same professor.
  • Develop a study schedule and stick to it.
  • Identify a place that is conducive to your study habits and without distractions.
  • Access as many services as needed throughout your college career (e.g., writing center, math lab, learning assistance center, etc.)
  • Schedule time to make friends and spend time with them - if you sleep for 8 hours per day, dedicate 8 hours to your academic endeavors.