Welcome to the Muskie Family!

Welcome letter from co-presidents of the Parent/Family Advisory Board Mike and Theresa Holt: 

     We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the students and parents of the Class of 2018 and to welcome back all returning students, parents, faculty, and staff. We are Mike and Theresa Holt, parents of Lauren Holt, a senior at Xavier majoring in Music Education. As co-presidents of the Parent/Family Advisory Board, also known as P/FAB, we are the parent networking extension of the Department of Student Success and Parent/Family Outreach. P/FAB serves several purposes: 1) We are available to answer and assist parents of Xavier students with any concerns that they may have; 2) We meet twice a year to discuss topics of concern and areas that we feel need to be addressed. In addition to this, we receive information and updates on a variety of subjects related to the University. More information can be found on our website including out mission and contact information, as well as a list of current members.


     As representatives of P/FAB, we were asked to participate and assist during Manresa 2014. Unfortunately, Theresa was unable to make the trip due to commitments at home so I drove the eight hours to Cincinnati alone. My last experience with Move In Day/Manresa was three years ago when my daughter was a freshman. I have to admit, it was a long day and my emotions were very different than what I experienced this year. In 2011, as a freshman parent, I was dealing with the realization that my first born was going off to college. This year, as an observer behind the scenes working with the staff of Student Success and Parent/Family Outreach, I was able to see the cohesiveness of the faculty, staff, and administration. They genuinely care about our children and want them to experience Xavier in the most positive light and succeed as student and adults. I was truly proud to be a Xavier parent! Standing in the Cintas Center, listening to Father Graham explain what it means to be a Jesuit, took on a whole new meaning for me. I am now able to see those values in my daughter and others I encounter at Xavier. So as the parents and relative of the Class of 2018 return home, I am sure that they were filled with a new sense of assurance that their decision to send their child to Xavier was the right one. I left with a renewed assurance that Xavier has indeed been the best place for my daughter.

     In closing, I did have one other observation I would like to share. When speaking with parents and students as to why they chose Xavier, three reasons consistently arose: 1) location (either close enough to home or just far enough); 2) Jesuit Values; and lastly; 3) generous scholarship money that Xavier offers. We are unable to change the location of Xavier, and the Jesuit Values remain intact and are growing. We ARE able to change the amount of scholarship offerings by giving to the Parent Fund. This will ensure that Xavier will continue to attract the quality of students that make it such excellent institution.

Best Regards,

Mike and Theresa Holt