RA Application Materials

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Resident Assistant Position. You will find all you need to apply on this site. Application materials are due to the Office of Residence Life by 5pm on January 26th, 2015.

Please note that late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applicants will be removed from the process if their GPA is below 2.5 or if they are not in good conduct standing with the university.

For Applicants who are studying abroad during the Spring 2015 Semester:
If you are studying abroad and will not be on campus during the second semester, please contact Angie Kneflin to arrange an alternate application due date and interview date.  You can contact Angie via e-mail at Kneflin@xavier.edu

Please view the RA Job Description here.

If you are interested in attending an information session hosted by a Residence Life Professional Staff member, please select from the following dates (these sessions are helpful but optional):

  • Dec 2nd, 2014 -  8pm – Brockman - Tucker’s Lounge
  • Dec 3rd, 2014 -  8pm – Kuhlman - 1st Floor Study Lounge
  • Dec 4th, 2014 -  8pm – Husman - Basement Lounge
  • Dec 9th, 2014 -  3pm – Commuter - GSC Commuter Lounge
  • Dec 9th, 2014 -  8pm – Buenger - 1st Floor Study Lounge
  • Dec 10th, 2014 -  8pm – Commons - 1st Floor Atrium Lounge
  • Dec 11th, 2014 -  8pm – Fenwick - 4th Floor Large Lounge (2-story lounge)

Please note that your completed application should include:

Are you a current RA who hopes to return next year? The returner/SRA application will be available soon!

Requirements for Letters of Recommendation:

The applicant should turn in all recommendations to the Office of Residence Life by 5 pm on Monday, January 26th. Recommendations should not be faxed or mailed directly to the Office of Residence Life. Recommendation writers must return the forms to the applicant before the due date. If an applicant chooses to waive the right to view their references, the letters should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the applicant's name on the front. The writer should sign their name over the seal to ensure confidentiality. The 3 letters of recommendation must be from the following 3 individuals:

  • A current or former Student Life and Leadership staff member, preferably someone from Residence Life (RA, Hall Director, etc.)
  • Another member of the Xavier community, preferably a faculty or staff member
  • Anyone you choose (i.e. work supervisor, coach, etc.)

The Office of Residence Life is located in the Musketeer Mezzanine at Fenwick Place. Once you have turned in your application materials, you will be asked to sign up for one group process interview and one individual interview. The dates for these are:

  • Group Process Interviews: January 30th and February 1st
  • Individual Interviews: February 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th
  • RA Selection Notification: Beginning at Noon, February 23rd, 2015 (At the Office of Residence Life)

On Thursday, January 29th there will be a Pre-Night session for all RA candidates. Our current RA staff puts this event on for you to become more familiar with the interview process and to answer any questions that you may have.  This is a phenomenal networking event as well, and a great chance to learn more about the RA position and Residence Life.  The event is casual!  Time and location are yet to be determined, but the event should last no more than an hour.

If you have any questions about the process or your application, please contact a member of the Resident Assistant Recruitment & Selection Committee:

Thank you again for your interest in the RA position. Good Luck!