Buenger Details & Photos

Room Dimensions: 140 sq. ft. for a double, and 105 sq. ft. for a single (see floor plans)
Suggested Carpet Size: 6' x 9' for each bedroom
Windows: 3.5'H x 3'W, includes mini-blinds, no screens
Closets: Built-in wardrobe & drawers, 1 per resident
Measures: 38"W x 96"H x 23"D
Shelf Space: 
see shelf dimension diagram,
Closet: 38"W x 94"H x 20"D, 1 per suite
Desk: 48"W x 24"D
Mattress: Twin or XL-Twin Beds

Photos and Floorplans



Panoramic Views

Building Lounge
Double Common Area
4 Bedroom Common Area
Single Bedroom
Double Bedroom