Buenger Hall

Buenger Hall offers a unique living environment designed primarily for student athletes and members of the honors program. Buenger is Xavier's smallest residence hall and offers suite-style rooms for first-year and sophomore students.

  • Residents: First-year and sophomores students, male and female (typically involved in the honors program and/or athletics) 
  • Dining Options: Residential meal plan required
  • Rooms: Suite style - two, three, or four bedrooms (one or two students per bedroom) with 1 1/2 bathrooms and a furnished common area.
  • Furniture Provided: Each resident will receive an extra long twin bed & mattress, desk, chair, and wardrobe. Each common area includes a couch, 2 chairs, 2 end tables, mini fridge, and microwave.
  • Room Amenities: Air conditioning, carpet in common area (not in bedrooms), Internet connection (wireless and wired), cable
  • Building Amenities: Laundry facilities, kitchenette, study lounges, recreation rooms, chapel, music room (with piano), vending machines.
  • Room Rates (2013-2014): Double occupancy (in a bedroom with a roommate) $3,290 per person/per semester; single occupancy (in a bedroom without a roommate) $3,605 per person/per semester 


Double Common Area

4 Bedroom Common Area


Single Bedroom

Double Bedroom


"The RAs in Buenger are the best. They're very friendly and outgoing, and very willing to answer all your questions and assist you with any problems you may have. I like Buenger because you can be social and hang out with your friends if you want, but there are also plenty of quiet places to study." - Sarah

"The rooms are nice and each one has its own bathroom and common room to share with among the suitemates. It is an easy place to study since there are not many distractions." - Rachael 

Meet the Staff

Omar Harb Michel, the Buenger Hall Director, and seven live-in RAs serve as community developers, programmers, role models, and resources for the residents of Buenger!