In the 'Your Roomate Group' section you have full control over your roommate group.

  • You can manage your existing group, if you are a member of one.
  • You can accept or decline roommate invitations.
  • You can remove yourself from a roommate group.

Important Rules

  1. You may only be a member of one group.
  2. The maximum number of students in one roommate group is 6, including yourself. Please note that for general selection roommate groups may be 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size of the room and how many spaces are still available within that room. There are also a small number of suites for honors students that can hold 6 students. 
  3. If you want to change groups, you must leave your current group before joining the new one.
  4. Any member of a group may invite new members, delete current members, or even delete invited members of a roommate group. You also have the option of removing yourself from a roommate group.
  5. All parties affected by any status change will be notified via email immediately.