When you first have access to the system, the dates and times of the selection process may not be available. This year we are planning on holding the selection process June 10-14. The exact selection times, and your times specifically, will be available on June 3rd at 11 am.


When the selection times are available you will be able to see the full selection period, your selection time, and also the earliest selection time for your roommate group, if you are a member of one. Also at this time, you will be able to see the available rooms for a particular selection period. While these are the allocated rooms for this selection period, it is important to keep an eye on what is available, especially during the selection process.

Room Selection

Once it reaches either your selection time or your roommate group's earliest selection time you or one of your roommates can select for your entire group. The 'Select Now' button becomes available, indicating that you can proceed through the process. The room selection process contains two steps:

  1. Select your room.
  2. Indicate which spot in the room each student is going into. For a standard room this is fairly straight-forward, but for a suite this is where you can specify which room each student is going into.

Once you submit step 2, you are done! Each person in the roommate group gets sent an email containing their assignment and who made the selection.