Roommate Search

Once your profile is complete you can begin to look for potential roommates. There are a lot of options here, so take your time and enjoy the process. 

The system allows you to look for roommates based on different criteria, so you can find the roommate that values the same things you do. If you are having a hard time finding a roommate you can use the 'Top Matches' list of recommendations or the 'Random Picks' to see what is out there. Remember that more students will always be coming on board, so you can always check back later.

Sending a Roommate Invite

Once you have found a potential roommate you can invite them to join your roommate group by simply clicking the invite button next to their name. This sends and email to that student, and anyone else who might already be in your roommate group, letting him or her know that they have been invited to join your group. At this point they can either accept or decline your request. You can learn more about this process in the Your Roommates section.