The residence halls and apartments are great places for on-campus clubs and associations to promote events that interest Xavier residents. Promoting your club's event is simple:

  • Develop a flyer for your program or event, and bring it to the Office of Residence Life for approval. 
  • Once approved, produce 75 copies of the flyer
  • Deliver these copies to the Office of Residence Life, and the flyers will be distributed to all hall directors and RAs in the residence halls and apartments. 

Plan ahead! If you hope to promote your event in a timely manner, plan to get the flyer approved and copied at least 5-7 days before the event will take place.

All promotional materials distributed in the residence halls and apartments must be distributed in the above manner, through the Office of Residence Life. All students deserve to sleep and study without interruption. Therefore, door to door solicitation, posting signs without approval, distributing door hangers, and sliding flyers under doors are all prohibited.