Bishop Fenwick Place Staff

Hall Director

Brandon Blackmer
Bishop Fenwick
Hall Director

p: (513) 745-3543 


Hello, and greetings from the beautiful Fenwick Place! My name is Brandon Blackmer, and I am the Fenwick Hall Director.  I have worked at Xavier since June, and completely understand why so many students choose to continue their education at Xavier; It's a great place!  Prior to working at Xavier, I completed my Masters in Counseling & Student Affairs from the University of Nebraska, and was a Graduate Hall Director for two years there. My passion in Student Affairs is to help students realize their potential to change the world for the better, and provide support and guidance for students who need just that.  A fun fact about me is that I grew up in Cincinnati, and that I can change a light bulb in the ceiling without a ladder (I'm 6' 7").







Resident Assistants

Veronica Penwell, Ann Marie Diener, Jen Murray, Rachel Mulhern, Rebecca Hollis, TJ Young, Sara Fieger, Tapuwa Chikwinya, Liz Goold, Rachel Plaugher, Adam Lamb, Raminta Makaraite, Bri Camp, Jill Benzinger, Julia Miles