Brockman Hall Staff

Hall Director

Kate Shirk
Brockman Hall Director

p: (513) 745-3323 

Greetings from Brockman Hall! My name is Kate Shirk, and I am the Hall Director of Brockman Hall! I am a native of Ohio, and grew up on the West side of Cincinnati.  Before starting my professional role at Xavier this June, I attended Indiana State University where I received my Master's in Student Affairs & Higher Education.  I am thrilled about working with first-year students because of their energy and the community that naturally is built when working with new students.  A fun and interesting fact about me is that I really enjoy visiting oddities! In the past year, I've seen the world's largest wind chime, the world's largest rocking chair, and Steven King's home, at which he has bats built into his fence (so cool!!).  I am looking forward to making Brockman Hall a vibrant and safe community for all Brockman residents!



Resident Assistants


Nick Hoffman, Reid Schultheis, Annie Szendrey, Mary Carole Scannell, Chelsea Lipps, Sarah Knight, Andy Ray, Gil King, Maci Anello, Lacey Yeager, Mariah Fambro, Alex Townsend