May 10th to 23rd

  • Location Cost
    Current Residence Hall (Husman & Buenger not available) $270 / Session
    Brockman Hall (Husman, Buenger, & Apartments residents also) $270 / Session     
  • Deadlines and Information

  • Husman, Buenger, Village, Commons, 1019 Dana, University Apartments, and Manor House are not available for Intersession.  All students who wish to stay for Intersession will be asked to move to Brockman for Intersession. Check In will be on Sunday, May 10th from Noon - 2PM at the Office of Residence Life.
  • The deadline for applications and payment for Intersession on-campus housing is April 24th, 2015.  Applications and payments received after April 24th may not be able to choose placement, and those applicants may be housed in Brockman Hall.
  • Students living in the halls, who have registered and paid, may stay in their present Spring assignment for the duration of Intersession (May 10th - May 23rd) with the EXCEPTION of students who live in Husman Hall, Buenger Hall, and the Apartments.  Those residents staying for Intersession will move to Brockman Sunday, May 10th from Noon to 2pm, and check-in will occur in the Residence Life Offfice.
  • Payment must be received by May 10th, 2015. 
  • Move Out: By Noon on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
  • Apply Here: