May 10th to 23rd

  • Location Cost
    On-Campus Residence Hall (Husman not available) $270 / Session
    On-Campus Apartment (Village, Commons, 1019, UA, Manor) $340 / Session
    Brockman Hall (Husman Residents will move here) $270 / Session     
  • Deadlines and Information

  • The deadline for applications and payment for Intersession on-campus housing is April 24th, 2015.  Applications and payments received after April 24th may not be able to choose placement, and those applicants may be housed in Brockman Hall.
  • Students living in the halls, who have registered and paid, may stay in their present Spring assignment for the duration of Intersession (May 10th - May 23rd) with the EXCEPTION of students who live in Husman Hall.  Husman residents staying for Intersession will move to Brockman at a predetermined time that will be communicated to you.
  • Students who must move out of Husman will check in to their Brockman Assignment at the Office of Residence Life.
  • Payment must be received by May 10th, 2015. 
  • Move Out: By Noon on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
  • Apply Here: