Interdisciplinary Minors Information

University Scholars - Honors

The University Scholars program is a honors program designed for serious and talented students who thrive in classes that are small and challenging and who can stimulate others with their curiosity, intellectual independence and ability to adapt to varied learning situations.  Honors courses are generally available for scholars program, PPP or Honors Bachelor of Arts students.  Other students wishing to register for these courses must secure the permission of the chairperson of the offering department or the Director of the Scholars Program, Alexandra Korros (513-745-2040) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Africana Studies Minor

The Africana Studies minor serves as an introduction to the historical, political, cultural and social traditions of the African continent and the African Diaspora within disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.  Elective courses which satisfy the intellectual requirements of the minor trace the customs, mores and histories of African nations or countries with significant African Diaspora populations, perform comparative analysis between African or African Diaspora populations, or focus on individual spheres ? cultural, economic, political, social, etc. ? within specific African/African Diaspora populations.  For more information contact Tyrone Williams (513-745-2014) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Catholicism & Culture Minor

The Catholicism and Culture minor is a 15-hour interdisciplinary minor.  Students must take the introductory course from either HIST 393 or PHIL 350, three free electives and the capstone seminar.  For more information contact John LaRocca, S.J. (513-745-2038) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Environmental Studies Minor

The Environmental Studies minor is a 16-hour interdisciplinary program compatible with any major.  It offers students and integrated overview of environmental and natural resource fields.  Students take Ecology (BIOL 250/251), Microeconomic Principles (ECON 200), Natural Resource Economics (ECON 320), one approved elective, and Environmental Studies Seminar (BIOL 398).  As a prerequisite for Ecology, non-science majors are encouraged to take at least one of the following: BIOL 120/125 or 120/127, CHEM 102/103, or PHYS 116/117.  For more information contact George Farnsworth (513-745-2062) or Brent Blair (513-745-4898) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Gender & Diversity Studies Minor

The Gender and Diversity Studies (GDST) Minor is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor open to all undergraduates and compatible with any major.  The minor acquaints students with scholarship on gender and diversity in their broadest, most inclusive sense.  Courses in the minor facilitate the development of the students' critical thinking skills, knowledge base, and intellectual frameworks for analyzing and exploring the nature of diversity including socioeconomic, political, psychological, and cultural experiences and positions between and among individuals and groups defined by gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, age, religious beliefs, and physical/mental abilities.  Students in the minor examine the individual and collective experiences of traditionally disenfranchised as well as privileged social groups, investigating the conceptual roots of identity as well as similarities and differences among them.  At least one upper level course from an approved list is required as well as five additional electives, many of which are also University core courses.  For more information, contact Dr. Jodi Wyett (513-745-3158) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Jewish Studies Minor

The 15-hour Jewish Studies minor consists of (A) three no-prerequisite Jewish Civilization courses (HIST 260/CLAS 180, HIST 262, HIST 263) and two courses representing two of these elective groups: Literature; Philosophy; Bible, Theology, and History of Interpretation; History, Art, and Archaeology; or (B) two Jewish Civilization courses and three courses representing three elective groups, or (C) one Jewish Civilization course and four courses representing three or four elective groups.  For more information, contact Stanley Hedeen (513-745-2956) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Latin American Studies Minor

The Latin American Studies minor is an 18-hour interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of Modern Languages and available to all Xavier undergraduates and compatible with any major.  It is designed to help students achieve an advanced level of ability in the Spanish language and cultural competency in Latin America.  Retroactive and/or substitute credit is available for students who meet certain criteria.  In addition to the entry course offered only in the fall semester, the minor requires one course each in Spanish language development, Latin American literature, Theology (as approved), Latin American History or Political Science (as approved) and one elective.  Many of the courses can be completed within the University core or related major.  For more information, contact Irene Hodgson, Program Director (513-745-3541) or visit the Online University Catalog

Musical Theatre Minor

The Musical Theatre minor is an interdisciplinary minor with the Department of Music and the Department of Classics, which houses the Theatre Minor, both contributing courses.  This minor brings together courses from each department involving singing, dancing, and stage performance to provide a unique opportunity for students interested in music and theater to concentrate on both areas while earning one minor.  For more information, contact Tom Merrill, Program Director (513-745-3135).

Peace Studies Minor

The Peace Studies minor is a 15-hour interdisciplinary program available to all Xavier undergraduates and compatible with any major.  It is designed to examine the many aspects of achieving peace, social justice, and ecological sustainability in our contemporary world.  The minor requires a seminar (THEO 345/POLI 344, The Challenge of Peace) and four additional courses chosen from a variety of options.  For further information on program requirements, contact John Sniegocki, Peace Studies Director (513-745-3287) or visit the Online University Catalog.

Theatre Minor

The Theater minor is a 21-hour interdisciplinary minor.  Students must take 15 hours of theater courses from THTR 100, 200, 210, 230, 310, and 350; three hours of a selective elective, and an approved CLAS 205 or ENGL 205.  For more information, contact Shannon Byrne (513-745-3456).