Gabriela teaches Yoga.  She is a graduate student at Xavier.  She began practicing Yoga 10 years ago for the physical benefits but quickly fell in love with the philosophy of Yoga.  In 2013 she completed the requirements for the 200-level professional yoga teacher certification. She is excited to share her love of Yoga with the Xavier Community.

Meredith teaches Spinning. She is a MIDAS Nursing student at Xavier.  She loves spending time with her husband and her husky-german shepherd mix-Ross! She has always been an athlete and loves staying active-it is a big part of her life. She enjoys traveling, fashion, reading, music and cooking. Her fitness philosophy is that fitness should be something that you enjoy, as well as something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It must also be sustainable. It is more than looking good on the outside, but feeling good on the inside!

Mihailo teaches Boot Camp. He was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and experienced the country's Civil War.  He moved to Cincinnati after his junior year of High School and has his undergraduate degree in Political Science and International relations. He is beginning his Master's degree in Urban Development this fall.  His Fitness philosophy is mental strength. He always says, "What is our Why?" In sport or fitness he encourages people to think about why they do what they do. It is important to find something that motivates you and work toward that goal. You have to push yourself to succeed in fitness and in life in general.