These prerequisites are required if a candidate for the degree does not have a valid teaching certificate or current teaching license.

Course Name
Credit Hours
EDRE 312 / 512  Reading Methods for Early Childhood 3
EDRE 314 / 514  Reading Methods for Middle Childhood 3
EDRE 471 / 671  Content Area Literacy 3
An undergraduate course in children's literature or adolescent literature.

In addition, the graduate candidate must have (or be in the process of completing) a valid teaching certificate or license.

Core Requirements

The following 9 hours of core courses are required for the M.Ed. degree.

Course Name
Credit Hours
EDFD 500  History and Philosophy of American Education
EDFD 505  Organization of Educational Systems in the U.S.
EDFD 507  Educational Research
EDFD 508  Educational Research Paper

Content Requirements

Twenty-one (21) hours of graduate coursework are required for both the reading endorsement and the M.Ed in Reading. Fifteen (15) hours are required in current reading content and research. And, six (6) hours are required in Children's Literature.

Course Name
Credit Hours
EDRE 569  Foundations of Literacy
EDRE 671  Content Area Literacy
EDRE 672  Theories of Reading
EDRE 678  Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Disabilities
EDRE 679  Practicum in Reading 3


The remaining six hours may be chosen from the following:

Course Name
Credit Hours
EDCH 501  Advanced Children's Literature
EDCH 505  Storytelling as a Cultural Craft 3
EDCH 510  Writing and Publishing for Children  3
EDCH 515  Adolescent Literature
EDCH 520  Multicultural Literature 3
EDCH 524  Children's Literature for Early Childhood 3
EDCH 526  Children's Literature for Middle Childhood 3
EDCH 528  Topics in Children's Literature 3
EDME 562  Phonics and Orton Gillingham 3
EDRE 675  Current Research in Reading 3
EDRE 676  Teaching the Writing Process (Gr. 4 - 12) 3
EDRE 685  Teaching Reading to Children with Special Needs 3

Students completing their studies for the M.Ed. in Reading must pass a comprehensive examination and must be able to write knowledgeably on the following areas of reading: literacy development, balanced reading and writing programs, reading theory, content area literacy, and diagnosis and remediation of reading.

Please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor for additional information.  You may contact the Department of Childhood Education and Literacy at 513-745-3701 or to schedule the appointment.