This is a two-semester certificate program with 17 credit hours of didactic courses and 720 hours of clinical training. Students can apply these courses toward a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts. Didactic courses will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays (early evening hours) with clinical training on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (8 hours per day ).

A student can sign up for all courses or an individual course, with the exception of a clinical course.

Fall Semester

Course Hours
RADT 300: Introduction to MRI
One weekend course in August
RADT 320 Physical Principles of MRI I 2
RADT 310 MRI Imaging Procedures 2
RADT 330 Advance Sectional Anatomy 2
RADT 311 MRI Practicum I (24 clinical hours per week) 2
Total 9

Spring Semester

Course Hours
RADT 321 Physical Principles of MRI II 2
RADT 340 Pathology for MRI 2
RADT 350 Management of an MRI Center 2
RADT 313 MRI Practicum II (24 clinical hours per week) 2
Total 8

Total Credit Hours: 17