Good Samaritan Hospital and Mercy West Hospital are the main hospital sites for the program.  The students will experience most of their clinical time at one of the main hospital sites. In addition to these two hospitals, students will rotate through Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Liberty Campus, Good Samaritan Outpatient Center - Glenway, and Good Samaritan Hospital Western Ridge.  Each clinical site will have a designated clinical instructor to oversee the student clinical experience at their clinical site. 

Under the supervision of the clinical instructor, students will experience hands-on training in a friendly, professional atmosphere. Clinical education includes experience in general radiography, fluoroscopy, surgery, trauma, portable, and special procedures. Students will have the opportunity to rotate through computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as part of their exploration of imaging modalities.

All students must present evidence of the following prior to entrance to all clinical courses:

-Health history, required physical examination form and vaccination record
-Liability insurance ($1,000,000/$5,000,000) purchased through the University and billed to the student's account.
Student are responsible for these expenses as well as white uniforms and transportation costs to and from the clinical site.

Good Samaritan Hospital

375 Dixmyth Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Located in the Clifton area, approximately 3 1/2 miles from Xavier University.

Mercy West Hospital

3300 Mercy Health Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45211

Located in the west side of Cincinnati area, approximately 12 miles from Xavier University.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Liberty Campus

7777 Yankee Road, Mason, OH 45044

Located about 35 minutes from Xavier University

Good Samaritan Outpatient Center Glenway

6350 Glenway Avenue

Cincinnati, OH  45211

Located about  35 minutes from Xavier University

Good Samaritan Western Ridge

6949 Good Samaritan Drive

Cincinnati 45247

Located about 35 minutes from Xavier University