As a Catholic Jesuit university, Xavier University is committed to educational excellence, the service of faith and the promotion of justice, and therefore, the dignity of every individual. We consequently envision ourselves as an equitable and inclusive community of learners. In as much as it brings these mission-driven values into focus, our Diversity Vision is fundamental to the overall mission and vision of the University.

This vision is animated by a strategic planning framework that cuts across all domains of the institution, including the business systems and processes that sustain institutional viability and vitality. Among these, supplier diversity is a well-established business model that integrates our commitments to diversify the teaching and learning environment and to advance community equity and empowerment by ensuring mutually-beneficial business relationships with the communities with which we are engaged. As such, Xavier's Supplier Diversity Policy and process are both important expressions of institutional leadership for economic inclusion as well as a mechanism of good fiscal stewardship.

The Supplier Diversity Process rests on the following assumptions:

  • Purchasing is a proactive expression of institutional values, including commitments to equitable community engagement.
  • Supplier diversity is good business practice.
  • Within the overall purchasing structure, supplier diversity is everyone's responsibility.