• Responsible for oversight of acquisition of goods and services for the University
  • Located in Flynn Hall with Campus Police


Invoice - Commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer and a seller.  The invoice will usually include the quantity of purchase, price of good and/or services, date, parties involved, unique invoice number and tax information.

Purchase Order (P.O.) - A written authorization from a buyer to acquire goods and services.  A purchase order is a legally binding document that authorizes the buyer to acquire goods and services from a supplier.  The document states the item/service being acquired, price, quantity, delivery date and certain other terms that apply to the agreement.  A supplier is not authorized to ship goods or perform service until they receive a Purchase Order from Xavier.  A Purchase Order is the default acquisition method. Consult the BuyMatrix for exceptions.

Requisition (Req) -  an electronic document that specifies what is being ordered, the FOAP/budget used, and the supplier that will ship the goods or perform the service.  The Requisition will result in a Purchase Order being sent to the supplier via the XavierBuy system.  Types of requisitions are”catalog” and “non-catalog”.


Be on the lookout for the Controller's Office year-end memo on finalizing FY16 activity.  Key dates include:

May 31 – Cut off for purchase orders and Office Depot

June 24 – Direct Pays and expense reimbursement entered AND approved

June 24 - All invoices for purchase orders must be received in Xavier Buy AND physically received by Accounts Payable

Division of Financial Administration
Contact Purchasing
  • Phone: 513-745-1987
  • Email: reismand@xavier.edu
  • Fax: 513-745-3666
  • Building: Flynn Hall
  • ML: 7211