Student Organizations

There are a variety of student organizations with which you may want to become involved, including:

American Psychological Association Graduate Students (APAGS) Xavier University Chapter

APAGS-XU is a student operated organization for psychology graduate students of Xavier University. Its goals include the following:

  • involve psychology graduate students in networking to professional psychology associations
  • encourage advocacy for professional and social justice issues
  • raise monies to fund research, travel, and recruitment of graduate students
  • encourage awareness of multi-cultural affairs on Xavier's campus as well as local, regional, and national levels
  • enhance the social relationship among graduate students, faculty, and the staff
  • American Psychological Association Graduate Students (APAGS)
  • 2011-2012 Officers
  • President: Nikki Winchester 
  • Vice President: Jaclyn Hardesty 
  • VP Finance: David Baum
  • VP Communications: Alana Goldstein
  • VP Social: Amanda Trice 
  • VP Advocacy: Gina Radice
  • VP Diversity Affairs: Emily Schreiber
  • VP Wellness:  Allison Mecca 
  • Alumni Liaison: Catherine Linn 
  • OPA Liaison:  Madeline Thompson
  • APA Liaison: John Forrette
  • 1st year Clinical Liaison: 
  • 2nd year Clinical Liaison: Katrina DeDona
  • Advanced Clinical Liaison: Kelly Isaacs 
  • 1st year I/O-Exp. Liaison: Lindsey Burke
  • 2nd year I/O-Exp. Liaison: Leann Caudill
  • At Large I-O Liaison: Tara Goodlander
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Salsman