Field experiences for clinical training in psychology are known as practicum. Psy.D. students have field placements during the second, third, and fourth years of the program. These experiences are designed to enhance the student's competence in psychological assessment, therapy, and application of knowledge and skills related to diversity. Xavier has developed a variety of partnerships with mainly community based agencies to provide these experiences. Every year students are placed in 28-35 different agencies. During the second year of the program, students spend about 500 hours at the practicum sites, while in each of the third and fourth years, they spend about 1000 hours. That is about the equivalent of being a half time employee. The majority of these sites are public, providing services to underserved populations.

Sites include hospitals, schools, community mental health centers, correctional facilities, facilities for persons with developmental disorders, residential and day treatment programs, and forensic centers, as well as Xavier University's own Psychological Services Center.