Areas of Interest

A unique feature of the program is the opportunity for students to develop an area of interest in clinical child and adolescent psychology, applied geropsychology, or the psychology of persons with severe mental disabilities. The areas of interest are designed to expose the student to basic issues and methodologies in working with populations that are presently underserved in our society. All students are required to take eight elective courses. Four of these eight are specified as the student's "Area of Interest." The other four electives are chosen by the students in consultation with their advisor. Practicum experiences are also available in the specific Area of Interest, which could also serve as a source for a dissertation topic.

Another unique feature of the program is that students may elect to use the remaining elective credit hours to earn either a "Certificate in Organizational Concepts and Management" or a "Certificate in the Foundations of Health Sciences Administration." Such training is in response to the fact that managed care has become a dominant economic force in the health care delivery system and has challenged many of professional psychology's training concepts and attitudes. By taking graduate credit hours developed in cooperation with the Williams College of Business and the graduate program in health services administration, students can be educated and trained in the attitudes, beliefs, and skills that are becoming increasingly important in the changing delivery of health care in the United States.