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American Culture

Aging Baby Boomers, Baseball, Changing Family, Crime & Detective Fiction, Bob Dylan as Philosopher, Hollywood as Cultural Messenger, Native Americans, Pop Culture, Sports Fan Behavior, Typewriters


Academic Success of Athletes, Injuries & Prevention, Biking Cross Country, What Makes a Good Coach, Drug Education & Testing, Sports Fan Behavior, Graduating Athletes, NCAA Rules & Eligibility, Parent Behavior in Youth Sport, Recreational Sports, Soccer: What Parents Need to Know, Sociology of Sport, Sports Marketing & Sport Studies, Sports Training & Nutrition, Sports Psychology

Biology / Environment

Bioengineered Food, Cell Division, Genetic Engineering, Cloning Ethics, Genetics, Immune System, Manatees, Medical Ethics, Plant Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Economics, Invasive Species, Sustainability at Xavier, Wildlife in Urban Areas, Epidemics, Vaccination


Accounting: Taxes, Economics: Cincinnati and Tri-State, Economics: Government, Economics: Environmental, Economics: Forensic, Economics: Hispanic Impact, Economics: Impact Studies, Economics: International, Economics: Monetary Policy, Economics: Offshoring and Outsourcing, Entrepreneurship: Executive Training, Entrepreneurship: International, Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business, Ethics: Business, Ethics: Market Researchers, Ethics: Globalization, Ethics: Legal, Finance: Banks and Financial Institutions, Finance: Banking, Finance: Corporate Issues, Finance: Derivative Securities, Finance: Hostile Takeovers, Finance: Insurance, Finance: Interest Rates, Finance: International, Finance: Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance: Monetary Policy, Finance: Options and Futures, Finance: Pensions and Retirement Plans, Finance: Value Creation, General Business: Cycle Time Research, General Business: Data Mining and Databases, General Business: Data Warehousing, General Business: Local Businesses, Human Resources: Executive Compensation, Human Resources: Executive Training, Human Resources: Management, Human Resources: Leadership, Human Resources: Organization Design Change and Development, Human Resources: Performance Appraisal and Management, Human Resources: Reward and Compensation, Human Resources: Workforce Diversity, Human Resources: Workforce Reduction, International Business: European Economic Community, International Business: Global Supply Chain Management, International Business: India, International Business: Finance, International Business: Management, International Business: Korea, International Business: Latin America, International Business: Trade, Labor: Issues, Finance: Consumer Price Index and Inflation, Marketing: Consumer Protection, Finance: Efficient Consumer Response, Management: Business Writing and Listening Skills, Management: Corporate Legal Responsibility, Management: Data Mining, Management: Data Warehousing, Management: Effective Voice & E-mail, Management: Employee Turnover, Management: Executive Training, Management: Leadership, Management: Managing Information Technology, Management: Networking for Career Effectiveness, Management: Project Management, Management: Teamwork & Project Management, Management: Total Quality Management, Management: White Collar Crime, Management: Women in Executive Management, Management: Workforce Preparation, Marketing: Trends, Marketing: Consumer Centered, Marketing: Direct Marketing and Telecommunications, Accounting: Non-Profit Accounting, Accounting: Women in Accounting, Economics: Trade, Finance: Credit and Students, General Business: MBA Value, Marketing: Health Care, Marketing: Higher Education, Marketing: Non-profits, Marketing: Stategy, Marketing: Political Advertising, Marketing: Purchasing Power of Children, Marketing: Retail, Marketing: Services, Marketing: Sports, Marketing: Targeting Grandparents, Marketing: Advertising Trends, Employment: Career development, Employment: Evaluating offers, Employment: Networking, General Business: Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and FDA, International Business: Israel, Human Resources: Executive Coaching, Management: Team Building, Accounting: Budgeting, Economics: Labor Economics, Economics: Public and development, Entrepreneurship: Innovation, General Business: Data Modeling, General Business: Women Executives, International Business: China, International Business in General, International Business: Islamic Economics, Local: American Financial Group, Local: Best Buy, Local: Cincinnati Bell, Local: Cincinnati Bengals, Local: Cincinnati Childrens's Hospital, Local: Cincinnati Reds, Local: Cintas, Local: Convergys, Local: Delta, Local: Drees, Local: dunnhumby, Local: Fifth Third Bank, Local: Ford Motor Co., Local: General Electric, Local: Kroger, Local: Lexis Nexis, Local: Macy's, Local: PNC, Local: Procter and Gamble, Local: U.S. Bank, Local: Western & Southern, Marketing: Impulse Purchasing

Children / Family Issues

Abuse, Adolescent Suicide, Adopted Children, Aggression and Anger, Bulimia and Adolescent Body Image, Bullying, Changing Family, Child Growth and Development, Child Psychiatric Disorders, Children and Competition, Children and Tragedy, Death, Children and War, Coaching Youth Sports, Divorce and Remarriage the Impact, Family and Marital Therapy, Incest, Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial, Juvenile Delinquent Substance Abusers, Juvenile Murderers, Learning Disabilities, Moral Reasoning and Behavior, Obesity and Body Image, Purchasing Power of Children, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sibling Rivalry, Single Parent Households, TV Violence, Violent Children, Juveniles & Police, Parent/School Relations, Parenting, Parenting children with special needs, Early Childhood Development

Cincinnati / Tri-State

Amish Mennonite and Shaker People in Ohio, Art, Cincinnati City Administration and Council, Cincinnati Public School Teachers and Gender Gap, Cincinnati Subway, Colored School of Cincinnati 1850-1900, Community Planning, Community Relations, Economic History and Outlook, Flying Pig Marathon, Government and Politics, History, History of Cincinnati Teachers, Over-the-Rhine, Police and Community Relations, Political Campaigns, Regional Planning, Societal History of Cincinnati Women, Strong Mayor, Tall Stacks Economic Impact, Underground Railroad, Urban Sprawl, Jewish History of Cincinnati


Crisis, Effective Voice and E-Mail Listening Skills, Information Fluency, Interpersonal Skills and Networking for Business, Media Psychology, Online Communities, Persuasion and Getting the Best Deal, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations Ethics

Community Engagement

University as a Citizen, Planning, Organizing

Computers / Technology

Buying, Networks and Servers, Hardware and Software Overview, Higher Education and Computers, Identity Theft, Industry Latest, Internet, Managing Information Technology, Online Communities Facebook MySpace, Viruses, Workplace Technology, World Wide Web Fundamentals, Online Communities

Crime / Corrections

Bullying, Constitutional Law and American Justice, Personality Influence, Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial, Juvenile Deliquent Substance Abusers, Juvenile Murderers, Police and Children, School Violence and Shootings, Sentencing Guidelines, USA Patriot Act, White Collar

Death / Dying

Assisted Suicide, Children and Families, Euthanasia

Disability Issues

Inclusion on a College Campus, Learning, Developmental, Mental Retardation, Parenting Children with Special Needs


African-American Intellectual Traditions, Cultural, Faculty, Gender, Impact on Small and Family-Owned Businesses, Multiculturalism versus Afrocentricity, Race and Culture, Race and Politics, Teaching, Workplace, Religious


Adult Learning, Catholic Schools, Cincinnati Public School Education, Colored School of Cincinnati 1850-1900, Early Childhood, Gender Diversity in the Classroom, Higher Ed Change, History of American Education, Japan, Learning Disabilities, Mathematics, Minorities and Mathematics, Montessori, Race and Perception, Salaries, School Law, School Mergers and Closings, School Violence, Service Learning, Social Studies, Technology, Total Quality Management for Schools, Trends, Vouchers, Government Controls, Philosophy of Education, Teaching and Teacher Standards


Aging, Aging Baby Boomers, Alzheimers, Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Psychological Issues, Memory and Attention, Retirement Plans, Social Security

Employment Issues

Affirmative Action, Employee Feedback, Executive Compensation, Human Resources Management, Meyers Briggs Test, Organization Design Change and Deployment, Performance Appraisal and Management, Reward and Compensation Systems, Search Process, Workforce Preparation, Workplace Diversity, Career Coaching, Career Networking, Human Resources and Talent Management


AIDS, Business, Christian, Programs and Organizations, HIV Vaccine Development, Health Care, Sexual, Bioethics, Philosophy of ethics

Fine Arts

Xavier Art Gallery, Art History, Choral Music, Classical Guitar and Piano Series, College Theatre, Critic's View of Theatre, Fiber Arts, Film and Movie Makers, Graphic Design, History of American Movies, Hitchcock in Hollywood, Hollywood as Cultural Messenger, Icons, Jazz, Jazz Piano, Piano, Printmaking, Rap, Sculpture, War and Peace in Literature and Film, Classical Jazz & Pep Bands, Music Composition, Social Conscience of Music, Rock 'n' Roll


AIDS, Alzheimers, Children and Families with Medical Problems, Effects of Acute Head Injury, Geriatric Health Care, Healing Touch, Health Care Marketing, Healthy Lifestyles, Hospital Administration, Mental Health, Middle Age and Elderly, Occupational Hazards, Occupational Therapy, Pain Management, Public Health, Role of Nurses in Health Care, Stroke Victims, Anorexia Nervosa / Dieting and Eating Disorders, Sports Psychology, Wellness on a College Campus, Forensic Nursing, Health Care Ethics, Health Care Management, Health Policy

Higher Education Issues

Adjustment to College Life, Admissions, African-American Students, Alcohol and Students, Career Counseling, Career Planning, Career Testing, College Search Process, Credit and Its Use, Diversifying Faculty, Eating Disorders, Employment Trends, Financial Aid, First Generation College Students, Freshman Retention, Harassment, Higher Education and Computers, Inclusion on a College Campus, Information Fluency, Job Search Etiquette, Learning Assistance for College Students, Living on Campus, Marketing Higher Education, Networking, Non-Traditional Students, Online Communities , Preparing for College from Middle School to 12th Grade, Service Learning, Student Athletes, Student Life, Transition from College to Career, Wellness on a College Campus, Internships, Living Off Campus, Studying Abroad


1950s, African History, African American, Catholic, Cincinnati, Church, Jewish, English, Irish, Jesuit Society of Jesus, The Inquisition, Polish-Jewish Immigration, Ohio, Reformation, Russia, Societal Changes in the Post War Period, Societal History of Cincinnati Women, Soviet Jewish Emigration, Spanish/Latin American, Slavery and the Slave Trade, Xavier University, Caribbean, Mexican, Latin American, Rock n Roll, Roman History, World War I

International Affairs / Terrorism

Africa, Central America, Chile, Cuba, China, El Salvador, England, Europe, France French Revolution, Hispanic Culture, Holy Land, India, International Business, Ireland, Italian Art Literature Film Culture, Muslim World, Japanese Schools, Nepal, Nicaragua, Psychological Response to Terror, Russian History, Russian Jews, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Terrorism and US Foreign Policy, West African Folklore, Latin American Relations, Mexico Relations, Cuba, Economics of Terrorism, Polish Jews, Sierra Leone/West Africa

Language / Linguistics

Black English in the US, Creole English based, Classical Poetry/Bob Dylan, Evolution Roots of Language, French, Greek and Latin, Writing, Spanish, Swearing and Cursing


Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial, Constitutional Law and American Justice, Legal Ethics, Pre-Law for College Students, School Law, US Supreme Court, Law and Religion


19th Century, 20th Century American, African-American Literature / Poetry, Afrilacchian Poetry, American Poetry, CS Lewis and Tolkein, Gothic Terror and Horror, Images of Peace, Impact on Modern Art Forms, Jewish, Medieval English, War and Peace in Literature and Film, Crime and Detective Fiction, Shakespeare


Calculus, Cultural Connections, History, Women and Mathematics, Research Design


ROTC, Veterans Affairs

Minority Issues

Affirmative Action, African-American History, African-American Religions, African-American Students, Colored School of Cincinnati 1850 to 1900, International Black Women, Multicultural Affairs on Campus, Police and Race, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Womens Issues

Peace / Social Justice Issues

Gandhi and Non-Violence, Images of Peace in Literature, Social Justice, Psychological Response to Terrorism, Terrorism and US Foreign Policy, War and Peace Issues, Immigration, Religion and Human Rights


Ethics, Medieval, History of Philosophy, Aquinas, Kant, Greek, German, 20th century, and Religion

Politics / Government

American Government and Politics, Campaigns Local and National, Citizen Initiatives, Constitutional Law and American Justice, Economics of Government, Irish Politics and the Peace Process, Political Advertising, Political Parties and Elections, Race and Politics, Social Security, Strong Mayor, Term Limits, US Foreign Policy, USA Patriot Act, Voting Issues, Women and Politics, Elections, Caucuses, and Primaries, Religion and Politics, Roman Politics


Achievement Testing, Addiction, Child Psychology, Child Psychiatric Disorders, Childhood Depression, Children and TV, Children and Tragedy, Eating Disorders, Forensic Psychology, Holiday Blues and Stress, Incest, Industrial Psychology, Memory and Attention, Psychological Effects of War, Psychological Testing, Relationship Issues, Media Psychology, Sibling Rivalry, Sports Fan Psychology, Sports Psychology, Stress Management, Suicide, Domestic Violence


African-American Religions, American Catholic Bishops Teachings, American Evangelism, Bible Issues and Interpretation, Buddhism, Catholic Church and History, Catholic Social Teaching, Church History, Eastern Religions, Faith and Politics, Female Spirituality, Gandhi and Non-Violence, Global Spirituality, Billy Graham, Interreligious Dialogue, Jesuit Education, Jesuit Tradition, Jesus Seminar, Jewish Christian Relations, Liberation Theology, Meditation, New Testament, Pope, Pope and Judaism, Prayer, Religion and the Media, Islam, Social Justice Issues, Taoism, World Religions, Judaism, Old Testament, Koran


Astronomy, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Ozone Depletion, Physics, Superconductivity


Sustainability at Xavier, Environmental Sustainability

Urban Affairs

Affirmative Action, Asset-Based Community Development, Development of Cities, Police and Community Relations, Societal Changes in the Post-War Period, Urban America, Urban Reform, Urban Transportation, University-Community Relations at Xavier

Web Services


Womens Issues

Battered Women, Date Rape, Female Spirituality, Incest, International Black Women, Women and Mathematics, Womens Studies, Rape, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Societal History of Cincinnati Women, Violence Toward Women, Women and Language, Women in the Ancient World, Women Executives