Study Abroad

The Paris seminar is a two-week long trip with course offerings in political science and philosophy. French and European students join Xavier students in classes taught by Xavier professors and European academics.

During the program students visit the U.S. Embassy, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. The program ends with a group trip to Brussels, where students meet with representatives from the European Union and discuss the complexities of international politics.

For PPP students, this trip is an extension of the third-year sequence philosophy class, which discusses the Enlightenment and French Revolution.

Director: Steven Frankel. Courses offered: PHIL 415: Paris Seminar on Political Theory.*

Students choose two courses among English, philosophy, art and Italian in the five-week program to Rome.

They also have the opportunity to visit sites such as the Coliseum, Pantheon and the Vatican.

With group trips to Assisi, a weekend in Florence and Siena, and two free weekends for their own travel, students experience the great diversity and richness of Italian culture.

Director: Paul E. Colella. Courses offered: ARTS 112: The Aesthetic Experience; ARTS 113: Studio Art in Rome; ENGL 466: Transgressive Texts and Alternative Publics; ITAL 258: Language and Culture in Italy; and PHIL 351: Italian Philosophy.*

The London program is a five-week-long experience with course offerings in international business law, English, philosophy and theology. Students choose two of the three courses to take.

Outside of class, professors guide students though London, showing them sites such as Westminster Abby and St. Paul's Cathedral. One of the highlights of the program is a trip to see a play at the infamous Globe Theatre.

The program also travels outside of London, with day trips to Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, and Dover, as well as a weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Director: Paul Fiorelli. Courses offered: BLAW 300: International Business Law; PHIL 444/HIST 250: Puritans and Pragmatists; British Literature: Monsters and Mythology.*

*Courses and program formats are subject to change. Please contact that director of each program for up-to-date information.

"I studied abroad in Paris and Rome. These trips allowed me to learn about the values of other cultures as well as examine my own. The relationships I formed with fellow students, professors, and individuals I met are some of the most valuable relationships I have made since coming to Xavier."
- Annie Garnett, '12