Senior Theses

During their senior year, all PPP students submit a research thesis for public defense. The focus of the thesis is multidisciplinary and addresses issues concerning the public that flow from the student?s own elective concentration. This year's senior thesis projects included:

  • "The Effects of the Neoliberal Model on Social Equality and Democracy in Costa Rica: How They Got There, Where They Are, And Where They Can Go" | Adam Clark
  • "The Debate that Divides Us: Capital Punishment in the United States" | Jon Deters
  • "Christianity and American Democracy: A Tocquevillian Analysis of the Revitalization of Public Spiritedness and the Moral Citizen" | Annie Garnett
  • "Technology: Informing the Masses? Constructing and Deconstructing the Public Through Mass Communication" | Emily Gilbride
  • "The Pragmatics of Truth: Redefining Journalistic Objectivity? | Lizzie Glaser
  • "Purging our Terror and Awe: Actuality Films, Modernity in the (Im)mediate Metropolis and Agency, 1894-1907" | John Herrick
  • "Reificiation in Sound Recording: A Critical Application of Walter Benjamin's Aesthetic Theory" | Michael Kaple
  • "Doing History in Public: The Challenge of the Case of the Enola Gay American Museum" | Maggie Kelly
  • "Rebellion: Social Media and Its Effect on Revolutionary Leadership" | Jackie Lormor
  • "Super Seniors and Popular Policy: The Evolution of Social Security in the United States of America" | Liza Magley
  • "Deconstructing the Relationship between Politics and Religion in the United States" | Kevin Manning