PPP Retreat

The PPP retreat is a two-day experience for sophomores, juniors and seniors at an off-campus location. The weekend allows students to explore key questions about how to fully engage in the PPP program, discover new tools for deciding on opportunities after graduation, and connect with PPP faculty, alumni and fellow students.

Sophomores focus on identifying their strengths and passions within and beyond the program, while juniors and seniors engage in practical discernment of post-college opportunities. Through individual reflection, small-group discussion, and large group presentations by Xavier administrators and PPP faculty, the weekend provides students time to reflect on their future goals and build a sense of community.

One highlight of the weekend is a PPP alumni panel that shares its post-graduate experience. Some alumni have worked in city government and urban planning, both locally and in Washington, D.C., while others have attended law school and graduate school.

The weekend ends with activities such as mock student awards from the faculty and faculty roasts by the seniors. This annual event helps to create the community of support that the PPP program encourages.


"I have seen these retreats grow over the past three years, and I appreciate having the friendships I've built in this program. This retreat has a mysterious impact around it. The more people who are here, the more that we fully engage and understand the impact of this program."