Special thanks to all the alumni that met with the Public Policy Practice students in Washington DC. We loved seeing you all! A special thanks to Bianca Callejas (2010) for coming back and assisting us with the program. 

Congratulations to PPP Alumni Betsy Hoover (2006), who was named one of the top 30 stars in law&policy under the age of 30 by Forbes Magazine. She currently serves as the Director of Online Organizing for the President Obama campaign.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Hoover

Stay Connected

During their time in the PPP program, students and involved faculty develop deep bonds of friendship and mentorship. No one can attest to this better than PPP alumni. The program therefore strongly encourages its alumni to stay connected to PPP in the following ways. 

Meet Current Students

There are two events in the program that depend on alumni attendance. Alumni are invited to attend so that they can offer their advice and experiences to current students while catching up with professors and other alumni. These events include the DC Trip and the PPP Retreat, both of which are annual.

Thank you to this year's retreat alumni for sharing their stories:

Betsy Hoover (2006), Erin McDermott (2007), Liz Colombo (2008), Jenny Rulon (2009), Kate Malone (2010), Ashley Patrick (2011), Caroline Solis (2011), Joey Vitale (2011).

Alumni Newsletter

Alumni are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to and write for the PPP Alumni Newsletter. More information on the newsletter coming soon.

"My education in the PPP program taught me how to think about the complexities of an issue and how they relate to one another."
- Brian Cantwell, '08