Annual D.C. Trip

The Washington DC trip is a central aspect to the legislative politics course during sophomore year. After engaging in issue research and policy-formulation, coalition-building, and broadcast and narrowcast communications, the students travel to DC to meet with department chairs, federal legislators, and leaders in non-profit organizations. Students work in teams to discuss their issues with political leaders, sometimes attending twenty to thirty meetings in a two-day period. Students learn to depend on their teammates and represent themselves, the PPP program, and Xavier University in a professional manner. 

The D.C. trip serves as a catalyst for the students to continue their research and lobbying efforts back in Cincinnati and Ohio. Some past legislative issues include mass transit in modern urban centers, the proposal to reform the Social Security system, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Small Black Farmer in the American Southeast, and the municipal use of Eminent Domain for the renewal of cities.

Past groups who have returned from DC have testified in front of Cincinnati city council, state legislative committees, and community councils. They have created brochures, press releases, and other documents to help inform the public about their issue. Some students have even stayed throughout the summer as interns to continue to advance their issue. 


"The annual PPP experience in Washington, DC, allowed me to use my classroom knowledge in a practical, meaningful, and tangible way. It gave context to my studies and inspired me to move there upon graduation."
- David Ben, '09