Beyond the Classroom

PPP Retreat

The PPP retreat is an overnight, two-day experience for sophomores, juniors and seniors at an off-campus location. The weekend allows students to explore key questions about how to fully engage in the PPP program, discover new tools for deciding on opportunities after graduation, and connect with PPP faculty, alumni and fellow students. 



In the fall of sophomore year, PPP students immerse themselves in political campaigns, ranging from city council to presidential races. From walking door to door talking to constituents to being a part of strategy meetings with their candidate, PPP students get an intimate view of the political system. On Election Day, the campaign experience culminates with students working the polls and speaking about their experience to radio and television stations at the Hamilton County Board of Elections. As a result of this semester experience, many students continue working for their candidates or go on to work campaigns in other races.

Annual DC Trip

The Washington DC trip is a central aspect to the legislative politics course during sophomore year. After engaging in issue research and policy-formulation, coalition-building, and broadcast and narrowcast communications, the students travel to DC to meet with department chairs, federal legislators, and leaders in non-profit organizations. Students work in teams to discuss their issues with political leaders, sometimes attending twenty to thirty meetings in a two-day period. Students learn to depend on their teammates and represent themselves, the PPP program, and Xavier University in a professional manner.

Internship Opportunities

Internships offer practical, hands-on work experience and allow you the opportunity to develop a network of professional contacts that may lead to future job placements and guide your decision-making on future career interests. The Public Policy Internship immerses students in the real issues and challenges facing policy makers governing at federal, state and local levels. Participants in the program put knowledge into practice, hone leadership skills and gain a better understanding of the political process.

Study Abroad

Three of the most popular study abroad programs for PPP students include a summer semester in Paris, Rome or London. Each of these programs combine courses specific to the location with cultural and historical experiences outside the classroom. These trips continue the PPP curriculum by discussing issues of the public through a historical, philosophical and political lens. These programs, however, are not limited to scholars, as they also attract students from many majors and concentrations.


"In PPP, you learn how to integrate yourself into the public, wherever you go, and it teaches you how to advocate for that public."
- Zach Aliberti, '13