Political Science

At Xavier, students in political science pursue answers to the vital questions of equity, justice, and peace in the modern world. Our challenging courses consider the best political and social science literature with a view to gaining a deeper understanding of contemporary domestic and foreign controversies, including those of human rights and democracy, equality and race, poverty and social class, terrorism and war. In this way, students confront the promise and limits of political and social solutions to humanity's gravest problems.

The department offers intellectually stimulating introductory courses:

  • American Government and Politics,
  • Comparative Government,
  • Introduction to Sociology, and
  • International Relations.

These courses go beyond the presentation of "nuts and bolts" to explore underlying issues of real significance. Upper level courses are limited in size and scope, allowing students to debate the political and social issues that are of greatest interest to them.

The department has internship programs in Washington, DC and in Cincinnati. Students can apply what they learn in their courses to the political and social structures they experience as interns.

Contact Information

Dr. Mack D. Mariani
Chair, Department of Political Science
Schott Hall 710
(513) 508-6849