Student Opportunities

Internships and Practica

Xavier's political science majors, upon graduation, are equipped with knowledge of the basic principles of government and political theory. In addition to formal course work, students are encouraged to include job experience by participating in an internship in their program. The department sponsors intern programs in Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., as well as foreign study programs in Europe.

Study Abroad

The University offers several programs which enable students to travel abroad, including the Academic Year in France (Fredin Scholarship), as well as summer programs in Austria, Bogota, Columbia, and Tokyo, Japan.

The Fredin Scholarship is competitive. Summer programs are open to all students. Interested students should visit Study Abroad for more information.


Most colleges do not have a "pre-law" major. In fact, law schools do not recognize the idea of a "pre-law" major. There is no particular course of study that is a prerequisite for admission to law school. Students interested in attending law school and preparing for a career in law should pursue courses that will develop verbal and analytical skills.