Reporting Sexual Assault and Xavier University's Institutional Response

Xavier University recognizes that confidentiality in cases of sexual assault, especially those committed by an acquaintance, is extremely important to the victim, and every effort will be made by the university to maintain this confidentiality. Victims are encouraged to report sexual assaults to both the Campus Police and the local police department (i.e., Cincinnati or Norwood Police). University Police officials will facilitate contact with the local police department at the victim's request.

Persons who are uncertain of what to do following a sexual assault should contact the Xavier University Police Department at 513 745-1000 or the Dean of Students' Office 513 745-4983 or the Director of Health and Counseling 513 745-3022. At night and during the weekend, persons seeking guidance following a sexual assault should contact the XU Police Department and ask to speak with the supervisor on duty. Xavier Police will assist the victim with medical attention (preferably at University Hospital) and available counseling resources. The  university police supervisor will advise the victim of his or her options, including reporting the incident to the police and how to make an informal or formal complaint to university authorities.

If the victim wishes, the university police department or the Cincinnati/Norwood Police Department can investigate the incident. The Xavier Police department will facilitate contact with the local police, EMS services, university counselors, or other university officials. If possible, the victim should complete a written statement including the description of the attacker (if his or her identity is unknown or uncertain), the location of the attack, and the details of what occurred. This information will be helpful in a university proceeding or a court case. The victim's identity will remain confidential regardless of the responding or investigation authority.

The wishes of a victim who does not want to report a sexual assault to the local police will prevail unless senior university officials believe the seriousness of the assault warrants police involvement due to the potential threat to others. If the sexual assault was perpetrated by a stranger to the victim and the incident is reported to university authorities (excluding counselors), the circumstances may warrant the publication of a "Safety Bulletin" in order to notify the Xavier Community to be aware and exercise extreme caution (i.e., if the perpetrator is not apprehended and poses a continuing threat to the community). The victim's identity will not be released.

Victims are encouraged to seek prompt medical attention (preferably at University Hospital) following an assault whether or not he/she intends to report the assault to authorities. Medical evaluation will allow the assessment, treatment and documentation of any physical injuries, as well treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Should the victim decide to proceed with criminal and or civil charges against the assailant, a medical-legal specimen may be taken for evidentiary purposes.

Sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by other members of the university community that are reported to other university officials in order to initiate complaint procedures will be handled in the manner described under Xavier's Code of Student Conduct or the Sexual Harassment Policy. A complaint against a university employee or staff member should be reported to the Director of Human Resources at 513 745-3638.