Current Renewal and Replacement Projects

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Albers Hall - Exterior Building Cleaning

Brick and stone repair and cleaning will take place for Albers Hall during the Spring of 2015.

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Alter Hall Transformation

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Alter Hall - Xavier's Academic Heartbeat.


Historically, Alter Hall has been the central classroom building for Xavier University in the 20th century. For the past 50 years, nearly every Xavier student and faculty member has passed through Alter. Positioned on the Academic Mall and adjacent to Bellarmine Chapel, Xavier envisions a revitalized facility that will be positioned to contribute to teaching and learning deep into the 21st century. As such, it is a place for collaboration and discovery, supporting the core curriculum, enabling cross-disciplinary partnerships, and making visible Xavier's distinctive Honors Program.

Program Need

Xavier's primary academic space need is a portfolio of flexible classroom environments. These learning spaces will accommodate a range of disciplines, curricula, and pedagogies. These high quality environments will be sized to meet future learning style demands and potential enrollment growth. Critical to the success of the classrooms are informal learning environments that provide break-out and small group collaboration opportunities. Building on the success of Conaton Learning Commons and Smith Hall significant learning is taking place outside the classroom, and group project work will prepare students for the workplace. The Honors Program teaching spaces will showcase best practices at Xavier and remain flexible for other uses. The overall goal is to have excellent space utilization for scheduled classes and become available for teamwork during open scheduled times. Importantly, the building will house the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, providing an identity and University presence.


Alter's design agenda is multifaceted. The exterior facades will be redesigned creating a dialog with the Academic Mall and the Hoff Quad. The interior will exhibit a forward looking vocabulary featuring the activities of the faculty and students and making the work visually accessible. Overall, the design must be an overt teaching tool supporting Xavier's commitment to sustainable environments. The design of the building will engage with participants in communicating building performance metrics and incentivizing conservation habits. The goal for the project is to attain a LEED Gold rating. The landscape components of the project will include the St. Ignatius Steps, connecting the Hoff Quad with the Academic Mall.

Financial Plan

The total project cost for Alter Hall will not exceed $18,000,000.


The project will be completed for the 2015 fall semester.


The Alter Hall project will meet the campus master plan framework that was developed in 2006. The project will be coordinated with its surrounding context, including Hailstones Hall, and any potential change to Hailstones in the future. The University has formed an ART (Alter Renovation Team) comprised of faculty and staff. The ART has been diligent in articulating a project vision and shepherding each aspect of the project through schematic design. Additional campus community input will continue to positively influence the project though the fall of 2013.


Bellarmine Gallagher Xavier Yard

Site enhancements to begin Spring of 2015 which include going from a double path to one sidewalk  and an amphitheater seating/teaching area around the Gallagher area.  The circle in front of the Bellarmine Chapel area should be completed in mid-August.

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Center for Veteran's Affairs

Relocating from 1415 Dana Avenue to 5th Floor of Conaton Learning Commons.

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Cohen Chiller Replacement

Replacing chiller in A.B. Cohen Center in Summer of 2015.

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Husman Hall  


Planned for the summer of 2015, a mechanical and architectural renovation to Husman Hall will include the addition of a new energy recovery ventilator which will solve negative air pressure problems, and utilize the temperature of the building exhaust air to temper outside air before entering the building, resulting in energy savings.  Fire alarm systems will be upgraded to meet current codes, including smoke detectors in every living space and mass notification capabilities.  Existing public area lighting will be replaced with high efficiency light fixtures and occupancy sensors.  The air and light work above ceilings will mandate the replacement of all corridor ceilings.  The architectural improvements will include new flooring and painting throughout the public areas of the building and a complete makeover of the lounges.  The following items will be replaced in every dorm room:  Heating/air conditioning units, painting, LED lighting, door and key card entry hardware.

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Logan Hall

Brick and stone repair and cleaning will take place for Logan Hall during the Summer of 2015.

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Village Townhouses

Structural stabilization will include under-pinning to stabilize building.

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