Physics Club

Student Poetry

Ode to Physics

Because a ramp is an inclined plane,
Because people say that we're all insane,
Because we're composed of mostly just space,
Because with us nerds don't feel so out of place,
Because our classes aren't Bohr-ing at all,
Because we're just following rules when we fall,
Because we can make a jumping ring,
Because we do that weird "right-hand rule" thing,
Because we study stats with so much elation,
Because our lives are filled with frustration,
Because Lorentz shows how to shrink meter sticks,
Because we know lots of crazy math tricks,
Because with the pope we've been known to contend,
Because in Schrödinger we find a good old friend,
Because with us "memory lane" means "review,"
Because c over lambda is what's nu,
Because we sincerely love a good integration,
Because none of us have much concentration,
Because in nuclear warfare, we call the shots,
Because Maxwell has his crosses and dots,
Because Heisenberg wasn't speaking of doubt,
Because we study while others go out,
Because Einstein used it to get his kicks,
For all these reasons, I love physics!