Procedure for Requesting Recommendation Letters

When you request a letter of recommendation for graduate school, or summer research programs, or other fellowships, we suggest that you follow these guidelines.

  1. Provide the professor with your CV (Curriculum Vitae, i.e., resume) which includes such things as scholarships, honors, awards, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities, both academic and non-academic.
  2. Provide the professor with a list of your physics and math courses and grades and indicate the classes you took from that professor.
  3. Provide your overall G.P.A. and your physics G.P.A.
  4. You will probably have to write a personal statement about why you are applying for a particular program.  Please include a copy of this statement when you provide the other materials.
  5. Provide all forms that are to be completed by the professor.  Be sure to sign any waivers if you so choose.
  6. Provide the deadlines for each of the schools, programs, etc.
  7. Provide a stamped and addressed envelope for each recommendation that you are requesting, if the submission is not to be made electronically.  You can obtain department envelopes in the main office.