Graduate Facts

The Xavier Physics program has enjoyed sustained success over the past several decades. Three times since 1982 the class valedictorian has been a physics major. The national average for the number of Bachelor's degrees granted anually per institution (by BS/BA granting institutions) is 4.3. Xavier's Physics program has averaged 8.4 per year over the past 40 years.

One criterion of outstanding teaching is the ability to instill in students a deep love and desire for knowledge and continual learning. The physics faculty and the university take considerable pride in the fact that of the 89 students who have graduated since 1976 (the year the department began recording these data), 82 (92%) have continued their studies in graduate programs. This percentage is over twice the national average (44%) reported by the American Institute of Physics for all BS/BA granting schools.

The department has an outstanding record in placing graduates in highly reputable programs at prestigious institutions such as Stanford, California-Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Ohio State, Harvard, University of Rochester, Yale, and many others. Over 40% of our graduates have either earned a Doctorate or are presently studying in a Doctorial program. This record is exceptional for any academic department.