Teaching Labs

Holography Lab (Room 1) The air table is set up for producing a transmission hologram using an 8 mW He-Ne laser. Both virtual and real images can be displayed.

physicsElectronics Lab (Room 2) This analog and digital lab uses power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes and various electric components to teach electronics. Note that there is one full work station per student. Each student works separately!




Laser Lab (Room 11) Used for various diffraction experiments and laser characteristic experiments. An "open frame laser" (homemade) allows internal adjustments to be made for better understanding of the laser.

Atomic and Nuclear Labs (Room 3) Atomic spectra are recorded using a one meter grating spectrometer. X-ray diffraction is studied using a Rigaku system. Gamma rays are qualitatively and quantitatively measured using a high purity germanium and sodium iodide detectors. A neutron howitzer (Pu-Be) is used to produce small radioactive samples for study. Safety is monitored by the Ohio Department of Health as well as the University radiation safety officer.

Photographic Darkroom (Room 10) Equipped with stainless steel sink, chemicals, dryer, enlarger, it supports work in astronomy, optics, atomic and X-ray spectroscopy.