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Every generation faces new and complex challenges. In content, physics seeks to understand the properties and behavior of the fundamental constituents of nature – matter and energy – leading to an exploration spanning from the subatomic scale of atoms and nuclei (particle physics) to the cosmic scale of galaxies and the Universe (astrophysics and cosmology).   But the critical thinking skills that students master through their analysis of these various complex physical systems are transferable toward the solution of all complex problems.  For this reason, a physics-based education provides a strong foundation upon which numerous career and research paths can begin – be they in the sciences, engineering, humanities, or business. 

Guided by the University Mission, and driven by a commitment to the common good and to the education of the whole person, it is the goal of the physics department to be a learning community that fosters thought, discussion, and exploration through meaningful interactions among students and faculty and provides students with an educational experience that is tailored to their specific passions and interests.  Toward that end, we offer Bachelor of Science degrees in:

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