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Resources and Readings:

Many Guatemala travel guides are available for loan from a local library and/or can be purchased from a local bookstore (e.g., Frommer’s, Lonely Planet).

Amazon.com has a listing of books on Guatemala as does Colores del Peublo.


Recommended readings include the following:

  • Arias, A. (Ed.) (2001). Rigoberta Menchu controversy. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Benz, S. C. (1996). Guatemalan journey. Austin, TX: University of Austin Press.
  • Cameron, D (2008). Working internationally. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 28(2), 109-116.
  • Fudge, S. (1992). A perspective on consulting in Guatemala. In S. c. Merrill (Eds.), Occupational therapy across cultural boundaries (pp.15-37). New York: Haworth Press.
  • Glittenberg, J. (1994). To the mountain and back: Mysteries of Guatemalan highland family life. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.
  • Kronenberg, F., Algado, S. S., Pollard, N. (2005). Occupational therapy without borders: Learning from the spirit of survivors. Edinburgh, England: Elsevier.
  • Leigh, D. J. (2000). Circuitous journeys: Modern spiritual autobiography. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • Manz, B. (2004). Paradise in ashes: A Guatemalan journey of courage, terror, and hope. Berkley, CA: University of California Press.
  • Perkins, J. (2004). Confessions of an economic hit man. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.


Note: As you find additional readings, please send your recommendations to scheerer@xavier.edu for inclusion on the above list.




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