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COURSE OPTIONS for Practitioners

Students who participate in Guatemala 2014 are required to register for two courses as follows:

  1. SPAN 258 Language & Culture in Guatemala (3 credit hours), and
  2. HOCS 405 Occupational Justice II (3 credit hours) Summer Session I

As a practitioner, you are welcome to attend either/both courses or individual course sessions as you are able. To receive college credit for the course, you will need to apply as a Xavier student, register for the course, and pay tuition. If interested in that option, call the Department of Occupational Therapy at 513-745-3150 for assistance in navigating the procedural details.

The SPAN 258 course will be offered daily during Xavier’s Summer Intercession.

View the most recent syllabus for HOCS 405. Additionally, as a practitioner, you are also invited to sit in on the pre-requisite course sessions of HOCS 323 Occupational Justice I. If it has been some time since you received your degree and you are not familiar with the concept of occupational justice, you will find the course interesting if not enlightening. Carol Scheerer, EdD, OTR/L, is the instructor for the course and she welcomes any/all practitioners as visitors. The only requirement is to call the Department of Occupational Therapy (513-745-3150) prior to attending simply to double-check that the course topic/content for the day is the same as that posted in the syllabus. The most recent syllabus for HOCS 323 can be viewed here; the updated syllabus will be posted in January 2014. Check the January 2014 HOCS 323 syllabus for session dates, times, and topics; and, consider attending.

Note: Application of CEU’s through the Ohio OT/PT/AT Licensure Board will be sought for attendance in selected SPAN 258 course sessions as specific preparation in Guatemalan language and cultural will enhance greatly the trip experience.



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