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ACCEPTANCE for Practitioners

Acceptance process for Guatemala 2014:

  1. Eligibility to join Guatemala 2014 will be determined by:
    • Contents of X.U. Study Abroad Application for Admission
    • Contents of paragraph explaining your relationship to Xavier’s Department of Occupational Therapy
    • Results of interview conducted with the GA 2014 team (if applicable).

  2. Preference will be given to:
    • Persons speaking Spanish
    • Persons with pediatric experience
    • Persons determined suitable for this experience.

  3. You will be notified via email of your status (accepted or declined) on or around January 17, 2014.

  4. Upon acceptance you must complete the following forms and return them to the Department of Occupational Therapy by April 1, 2014.

  5. Due on the day of the packing party (as notary will be present to sign and seal):
  6. Give deposit money (non-refundable $100.00) to Department of Occupational Therapy by February 21, 2014.

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