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To stay healthy:

  1. Be sure to routinely:
    • Wash hands frequently
    • Drink only purified (bottled) water and use it also for brushing teeth. Bring contact solution/saline with you to avoid using tap water. Keep mouth closed while showering.
    • Eat only vegetables thoroughly cooked and served hot.
    • Eat only fruit that has thick skin for peeling.
    • Buy beverages in cans and wipe area clean that will touch mouth before drinking.
    • Drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated – carry bottled water with you at all times.
    • Feel confident about food consumed at place of lodging and/or restaurants although avoid using ice cubes.

  2. Be prepared for any/all of the following “illnesses”
    • Diarrhea (may occur from drinking non-bottled water and/or fruits/vegetables rinsed in the same) – Consult your medical doctor and request an antibiotic – likely one such as Levaquin© or Cipro® will be prescribed. Be sure to keep the medication in its original container that has the prescription label on it (for taking it through customs/security). Over the counter Immodium© is also good to have handy.
    • Headache (may be due to altitude and/or traveling tension) – Likely, what is typically used at home will work in Guatemala, e.g., Tylenol©, Advil™, Excedrin™ – whatever pain reliever you typically find most helpful.
    • Motion sickness (may occur from riding in the bus over/through the mountains) - Dramamine® or the like should help in this instance.

      NOTE: In all instances above, be sure to consult your medical doctor especially if you are already taking other medications and/or anticipate you may need to combine any of the above.

  3. Read about required and recommended immunizations in the Trip Details section.

To stay safe:

  1. Register with the U.S. Department of State at https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui/ before departure.

  2. Dress conservatively and leave valuables (e.g., jewelry, watches, large sums of cash) at home.

  3. Stay with the group. When away from the place of lodging (e.g., sightseeing) make sure you are accompanied by a partner; a group of 3-4 is even better.

  4. Keep valuables on body at all times, e.g., avoid setting down money purse and/or daypack when in public places.

  5. Be knowledgeable about common “scams” and ways that money/passport copy may be taken from you. Avoid allowing another person in your personal space.

    Note: Traveling in Guatemala is likened to spending time in a high-crime area within a major U.S. city. Although it is a more risky environment, taking precautions as listed above will help keep you safe. Additionally, our group will be escorted during most, if not all of our time there. This will add an additional level of protection for all.






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