Frequently Asked Questions

Puzzled? You're not alone. Your questions you have are probably being asked by many others. So we've created a list of frequently asked questions with links on where to go to learn more.

What classes are being offered?

Here is a sample of courses that have been offered online.

How do I search and register for online classes?

On the Xavier Registrar web page, under the For Students tab, you'll find links to the schedule of Course Offerings, as well as information on Registration procedures.

Do online courses charge a different rate?

No, online courses charge the same rate as all other courses.

Do I need to order books?

You will need to review the syllabus for your course to determine how to obtain materials (print and digital) you will need for your course. The Xavier Bookstore and/or the Library will be happy to assist you in finding these materials. Some readings or media files may be posted digitally within the online course itself.

How are fully online classes different than blended classes?

Fully online courses are online-only, with no physical meetings. Blended courses incorporate online and in-person meetings.

Where can I go for technical help?

The Technology Services website offers great resources.

How do I pay my bill?

Here's how you pay your bill.

How do I access library resources?

Take advantage of the library's online resources.