An Orientation for Online Students

girl on a laptop at a deskWhether you're just taking an online course for the summer or anticipate taking several online courses as part of your degree program at Xavier University, this site will be a valuable guide to prepare you for the experience of being an online student and a reference should you need assistance or have questions.

Some instructors may require completion of this orientation as you being your first online course. After reading and viewing the orientation content, proceed to the quiz at the bottom of this page. Answering at least 10 of the 12 multiple-choice quiz questions correctly will indicate successful completion of the orientation, which will be recorded in your Banner student record. If you have already earned a grade of "C" or higher in an online course at Xavier, your student record will reflect that you have been oriented to online courses.


What does an online course at Xavier look like?

Some students have a sense that an online course will be easier than a face to face course. However, that is not true. Each online course at Xavier will have the same academic standards and content as a face to face course. You may find online learning to be easier because it fits your learning style, but the course content, the expectations for how what you will learn, and the assessment of what you have learned will be just as rigorous as in a face to face class. Get to know online courses at Xavier...


Would I make a good online learner?

Being successful as an online student has been linked to several specific personal characteristics, but the most important quality impacting success is motivation. If you have the motivation to do well you will, even if the qualities listed don't seem to currently characterize your personal learning style. Review the qualities that can make you successful in online learning...


What are the University's expectations for academic honesty?

All Xavier students, including online students, are expected to comply with the University's Academic Honesty policy. Review expectations for academic honesty as defined by Xavier policy.


Is there anything else I should know?

So, you seem like a good candidate for online learning, but you may still be anxious about the experience. That's okay. Taking courses online is a very different experience, but there are some tips and tricks veteran online students can share to help you be successful. See the tips and tricks for yourself...


How can I get help?

There may be times where you need some help. Xavier offers many places that you can turn, depending on what you need. Check out your options for getting help...



Ready to take the quiz?

After you have read and viewed all the content in the orientation, proceed to the quiz.  The quiz has been designed to be "open book," so you'll want to keep the orientation open in a separate window of your web browser.  Once you have begun the quiz, you will not be able to use the "back" button or stop and restart.