Every fall and spring semester at Oak Hills Professional Development Center, Xavier University is offering the MED core education courses:

Subject Area Course No. Section Course Title Credit Hours
EDFD 500 SOH History/Philosophy of Am. Education 3
EDFD 505 SOH Organization of Ed. Systems in U.S. 3
EDFD 507 SOH Educational Research* 2
EDFD 508 SOH Educational Research Paper* 1

*The Educational Research lecture course and paper are taken simultaneously.

The remaining 21 credit hours are to be taken on Xavier's main campus.

All Xavier Master of Education concentrations require the core courses listed above for a Master of Education degree.

There is a discounted tuition rate for the MED Core offsite courses. Additionally, if 9 credit hours are completed at an MED offsite location, the student is eligible to apply for a free three credit hour course upon registration of the final courses required for the MED. Additional information and the application (to be completed once the student has registered for the last semester prior to receiving their MED) is found here.

For more information, please call the Office of the Graduate School at 513 745-7902.