BSN-MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Honors Program

Students who are enrolled in the baccalaureate program have the opportunity to apply to the BSN-MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Honors program. This exciting program allows a graduating senior to complete a master's degree with a concentration in Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) within one calendar year and one practicum experience following graduation from the BSN.

The Clinical Nurse Leader is an advanced generalist who functions at the point of care to improve quality, safety and continuity of care for the patient. Certification by examination is available to students in the final semester of the program. Nursing students apply to the program in the spring semester of their junior year. A minimum cumulative average of 3.20 is required to apply for the program.

Once accepted to the BSN MSN program, students will enroll in two graduate courses in spring semester of senior year and continue full-time graduate study during the following summer, fall and spring semesters. Students complete a 300 hour residency during the following summer semester.

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