Following the precepts put forth in the Xavier University's mission statement and Jesuit tradition, the Faculty of the School of Nursing affirms its mission to educate undergraduate and graduate students with emphasis on preparing them to be nursing leaders and scholars in the delivery of interprofessional, collaborative, holistic care in a complex, population-based dynamic healthcare environment and diverse socio-political global community. Faculty and students' personal and professional development, their scholarship, leadership and service are directed to enhance the Mission of the School of Nursing.

Philosophy of School of Nursing

The Faculty believes the mission is grounded in the traditions, values and spirit of the profession that directly benefits patients and populations by seeking social justice and decreasing disparities when caring for the sick, promoting health, preventing illness, engaging in scientific inquiry, and ultimately, enhancing quality of body, mind and spirit of individuals across the life span. Our graduates have mastery over knowledge and skills essential to, holistic, interprofessional, and population health nursing practice while incorporating the Ignatian values and traditions of cura personalis, discernment, magis, mission, service rooted in justice and love, reflection, and solidarity and kinship.. 

Our Xavier graduates while working across various systems, commit themselves to improving health outcomes and safeguarding the health care interests and needs of populations which include individuals, families and communities.  Our graduates accomplish these commitments through scholarship, service, leadership, and personal and professional growth.

Scholarship refers to the search for knowledge in the nursing discipline through rigorous inquiry, moral reflection, discernment, reasoning, analysis and synthesis of information.    The purpose of scholarship is to develop and disseminate knowledge regarding issues of concern to nursing. Using a mindset of magis, our graduates advance nursing in the practice of its discipline using best evidence, clinical expertise, and the patient’s preferences and values.
Service, rooted in justice and love, is the founding principle of professional nursing.   . our graduates in the act of caring, utilizing the principle of cura personalis, respect the dignity and worth of each individual within a cultural and social context.  While embracing diversity, our graduates offer a unique blend of knowledge and skills to diverse populations across the life span. They are committed to balancing holistic, empathic care within a dynamic, technological, and safe environment. 
Leadership, based on communication and interprofessional collaboration skills, is an essential attribute of professional nurses.  Jesuit inspired values, such as solidarity and kinship, guide our  graduates to confidently and competently advocate the patient’s needs and rights at the microsystem level as well as participate in the transformation of health care at the macrosystem level.  They have the qualities to assume leadership in various nursing roles as an integral part of nursing and inter-professional teams.
Personal and professional growth encompasses the development and refinement of nursing and life philosophies as well as professional values and value-based behavior. Our graduates advocate for the profession and promote a professional image of nursing.  They persist in personal and professional growth through life-long learning and self-reflection.  Our graduates seek balance in their lives and take measures to care holistically for themselves and others in order to continue to deliver sustained, innovative care.

Approved by NFO November 19, 2015