"Xavier University provides an education, inside and outside the classroom, that helps a student to grow mentally, spiritually and physically. I've been involved in division 2 athletics, club sports, intramurals, and many service clubs here at XU; there are just so many ways to get involved here! The Nursing Department is wonderful and I just can't say enough good things about the school overall. If I had to make the decision again, I'd choose Xavier over and over. I simply love it here!!!" - James Taddeo BSN '99

"Xavier has been a great experience for me. Not only were the students great, I was able to understand what I was studying...and often to enjoy it. I choose Xavier for the academics and reputation...I stayed because I love it!" - Julie (Lynch) DiGiusto BSN '00

"The nursing faculty reflects Xavier's commitment to quality education. The nursing program is flexible and community focused. These reasons led me to continue with Xavier into the Master's program. I firmly believe that my education at Xavier has helped me to meet the present challenges in health care." - Ann Ewers, BSN, R.N. '92

"For me, volunteerism is an important part of the college experience because I have found that to volunteer is to discover yourself through discovering and helping those in need. The volunteer opportunities at Xavier are endless, from spending a semester in a third world country to helping those living with AIDS to tutoring children with various needs to cleaning up the city of Cincinnati. There is an opportunity for everyone."

"To see a sick child smile or to hug a person who has not been touched except by needles is the reward of volunteerism." - Renee Demarkowski (Napier) BSN '00

"From the moment I interacted with Xavier faculty - I knew I had made an excellent choice. I had checked into other baccalaureate programs, yet Xavier stood apart."

"The Xavier curriculum was an outstanding foundation for graduate study."

"The required and elective coursework in theology and humanities, combined with the nursing curriculum, promoted a firm sense of personal professional accountability." - Jerry A. Mansfield, M.S., R.N., CNA, '86

"The fact that classes were small and taught by professors, not TA's and adjuncts were important to me."

"I enjoyed attending classes with fellow RN's who wanted the college liberal arts experience. I found I actually enjoyed Freshman English Composition (imagine that!) and Philosophy and Religion, too." - Eileen Stork, B.S.N., R.N., '79