There is something special and unique to studying nursing at Xavier University, that is our core curriculum. All undergraduate students at Xavier University are required to take specific courses in the arts and sciences which provide them with a foundation of knowledge that guide them the rest of their lives no matter what career they choose. The required philosophy and theology courses are especially important to nurses as we lead in the 21st century and health care decision making becomes increasingly complex.

We live in a society that has learned most things can be fixed and if not fixed at least replaced. This attitude has dominated health care for years. Consumers of health care have high expectations and need to learn to manage their care especially in chronic illnesses.

Health care reform and cost control efforts have dictated a change in this attitude. And, rather than keeping people alive at all costs, a new decision-making framework is being established. Nurses are at the center of many decisions that need to be made by health care providers and patients and their families. The philosophical and theological foundation provided at Xavier guides our nursing graduates in their decision-making so that they are confident in the ethical framework within which they work.

Faculty teaching our nursing courses reinforce this foundation of knowledge. Service learning is another aspect of our uniqueness. Our graduates value the whole person and this framework permeates their nursing practice. They have a special respect for life and death.